Collection: Diamond Faceting Lap

Flexible manufactured the most complete selection of faceting and polishing laps and discs by ourselves,It inlcudes the Standard Surface, Flat Surface,Channel Surface,Dot Surface and Ripple Surface Diamond Faceting Laps to making the faceting stone.

60 Diamond. (extra extra coarse) – I usually do not recommend this lap. It is just too aggressive for most faceting rough, it will cause large chips and fractures.
100x Diamond. (extra coarse) – I use and recommend that most people have this lap, eventually. It is ideal for taking a lot of material off of a piece of rough fast. But while it will leave some chips (especially when new), it does not tend to chip excessively like some coarser laps do. If you are on a budget or not cutting larger stones then you can probably do without this lap, at least when starting to facet.
180 Diamond. (medium coarse) – I do not own one of these laps and do not really recommend one. Some people like them. This is kind of in between the 260 and the 100x and while it is not a bad lap, I prefer the other grits. I find that a worn in 260 lap is much better.
260 Diamond. (coarse) – This is my standard roughing in lap. I recommend this for about everyone. I like this lap especially when it has worn in a bit, it works much better than a 360 lap. It cuts fast but leaves a nice, although coarse finish.
360 Diamond. (medium coarse) – I do not own one of these laps and do not really recommend one. Some people like them, but I generally find that once this lap has broken in a bit, it cuts too slowly for my taste. I prefer a worn in 260 lap it’s much better.
600 Diamond. (medium) – I like and recommend that most people use a 600 lap. I use it mostly for cutting Quartz and Beryl (to be honest), and then use a 1200 Nu Bond composite lap for a pre-polish. On other materials (like Tourmaline and Garnets) I generally go right to my worn 1200 steel lap, skipping the 600 lap.
1200 Diamond. (fine) – This is my all around working lap, when new they need to be worn in a bit, steel laps start out a little coarse. I use and recommend it for almost everything I cut. With the exception of Quartz and Beryl, I use a Nu Bond 1200 for them.
3,000 Diamond. (extra fine) – I am 50/50 on this lap, it is usefull and the 1200 Nu Bond has been difficult to get from the factory, so yes it is recommended. It has been my experience that the plating on these laps is not of sufficient quality and will not wear well unless treated carwefully. Heavey handedness will ruin this lap fast.

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