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Lapidary silicon carbide abrasive products and associated products,Silicon Carbide Sanding belts have been the long time standard sanding of lapidary materials.   Silicon carbide offers value and lasting performance. These silicon carbide belts are waterproof and made to exacting standards.  provides an even cut and works great for wet or dry sanding and polishing marble, granite, glass, rubber, fiberglass, automotive paint removal, and finish removal. Use in wet/dry applications.
6"x1.5" belts is 1.5" width x 18-15/16" Length suit for 6"x1.5" Exandable Rubber Drum
6"x2.5" belts is 2.5" width x 18-15/16" Length suit for 6"x2.5" Exandable Rubber Drum
8"x3"    belts is 3" width x 25-7/32" Length suit for 8"x3" Exandable Rubber Drum
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